A Horse Unless of Course This Weekend!

If you thought horses were cool, just wait until you meet some of their surprising relatives! Rhinos, Tapirs, Donkeys, Zebras and the Horse Whisperer himself!

Preview of A Horse Unless of Course!

Living Fossils on June 9, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he meets some of the most ancient species living on Earth. Red Pandas, Hoatzins, Koalas, Crocodiles and Pelicans!

Preview of Living Fossils!

Rebounding on June 2, 2018

Meet six amazing animals rallying from the brink of extinction. Bald Eagles, American Alligators, Florida Manatees, Peregrine Falcons and more!

Preview of Rebounding!

Far Out Sightings on May 26, 2018

Join Jungle Jack for some super rare animal sightings. A lake-loving Elephant, desert-dwelling Flamingos, Goats enjoying island life, Zebras in California and more!

Preview of Far Out Sightings!

Cutest Baby Countdown on May 19, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he counts down the cutest and cuddliest baby animals!

Preview of Cutest Baby Countdown!