Jack to the Future This Weekend!

Today, it’s a two-for-one special, as Jack travels to each location TWICE! Cheetahs, Rhinos, Manatees, Kangaroos and more! Join Jack for time-traveling tour through natural history.

Preview of Jack to the Future!

Cub Scouts on December 9, 2017

Most baby animals are adorable, but only a select few get to be called “cubs.” Come along with Jungle Jack as he counts down some cute and cuddly cubs, like lions, cheetah, bears and more!

Preview of Cub Scouts!

Why in the World on December 2, 2017

Find out the answers to some of nature’s biggest mysteries! Why do Gorillas spend so much time in trees, why do male Lions have such shaggy manes, why do Jellyfish live upside down?  You’ve got questions, and Jungle Jack has the answers!

Preview of Why in the World!

A Horse Unless of Course on November 25, 2017

If you thought horses were cool, just wait until you meet some of their surprising relatives! Rhinos, Tapirs, Donkeys, Zebras and the Horse Whisperer himself!

Preview of A Horse Unless of Course!

Living Fossils on November 18, 2017

Come along with Jungle Jack as he meets some of the most ancient species living on Earth. Red Pandas, Hoatzins, Koalas, Crocodiles and Pelicans!

Preview of Living Fossils!