Supreme Survivors This Weekend!

Whether it’s braving rough seas, extreme temperatures or rugged terrain, or knowing how to outwit an enemy, the creatures on today’s countdown are supremely adapted to survive the extremes. Jackals, Polar Bears, Camels, Sichuan Takin, Owl Butterflies, Fur Seals and more!

Preview of Supreme Survivors!

Jungle Critters on February 10, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he uncovers creatures living in the deep, dark jungle. Elusive reptiles like pythons and caimans, river-dwellers like piranha and Amazonian manatees and massive primates like lowland gorillas.

Preview of Jungle Critters!

Top Predators on February 3, 2018

Join Jungle Jack for six ravenous encounters with mighty carnivores at the top of the food chain. Grizzly Bears, Nile Crocs, Lions, African Wild Dogs, Tiger Sharks and more!

Preview of Top Predators!

Colossal Creatures on January 27, 2018

Jack travels the world meeting six colossal creatures, like the African Elephant, Galapagos Tortoise, Ostrich, Whale Shark, Mandrill and Anaconda!

Preview of Colossal Creatures!

Wild Hair on January 20, 2018

Join Jungle Jack for six warm and fuzzy tales about animals sporting funky fur! Musk Ox, Giraffe, Tapir, Bison, Cheetah and more!

Preview of Wild Hair!