Radical Reptiles on December 1, 2018

Join Jungle Jack for a cold-blooded countdown! Crocodiles, Puff Adders, Sea Turtles, Caiman, Fer de Lance and more!

Preview of Radical Reptiles!

What’s Up Doc? on November 24, 2018

Join Jungle Jack as he meets the lucky creatures that are cared for by some of the most interesting veterinarians from across the world. Koalas, Cheetahs, Gorillas, Dogs, Eland and more!

Preview of What’s Up Doc?

Best Dressed on November 17, 2018

Meet some of the best dressed animals on the planet! Penguins, Leopards, Painted Dogs, Zebras, Lions and more!

Preview of Best Dressed!

Going Solo on November 10, 2018

Meet the lovable loners of the animal kingdom. Moose, Black Rhinos, Leatherback Sea Turtles, Platypus and more!

Preview of Going Solo!

Fang-tastic Countdown on November 3, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he uncovers some of nature’s most fearsome fangs. Hippos, Rattlesnakes, Baboons, Bats, Lions and Devils!

Preview of Fang-tastic Countdown!