Spotting Spots on August 31, 2019

Jungle Jack is eager to spot the animals on today’s countdown! Cheetah, Painted Dog, Giraffe, a Baby Tapir and more!

Preview of Spotting Spots!

Why in the World on August 24, 2019

Find out the answers to some of nature’s biggest mysteries! Why do Gorillas spend so much time in trees, why do male Lions have such shaggy manes, why do Jellyfish live upside down?  You’ve got questions, and Jungle Jack has the answers!

Preview of Why in the World!

Social Networks on August 17, 2019

Some animals have been using social networks for eons, like herds of Elephants, colonies of Ants and Bees, Hyena clans and even Chimpanzees. Today, Jungle Jack will see what it takes to get “likes” from these special species.

Preview of Social Networks!

Paws & Claws on August 10, 2019

Jungle Jack is counting down the wildest hooves, paws and claws in the animal kingdom, from the camel’s heavy-duty hooves, to an ostrich’s razor-sharp claws, and an elephant’s soulful soles, it’s feet first on this Wild Countdown.

Preview of Paws & Claws!