Paws & Claws This Weekend!


Jungle Jack is counting down the wildest hooves, paws and claws in the animal kingdom, from the camel’s heavy-duty hooves, to an ostrich’s razor-sharp claws, and an elephant’s soulful soles, it’s feet first on this Wild Countdown.

Preview of Paws & Claws!

Home Sweet Home on June 24, 2017


Meet six exotic species and the habitats they call home sweet home. Corals in Curacao, Galapagos Marine Iguanas, Borneo’s Orangutans, Tasmanian Devils, Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and more!

Preview of Home Sweet Home!

Voracious on June 17, 2017


Join Jungle Jack as he meets up with some of nature’s biggest eaters! Crocs, African Wild Dogs, Bears, Gorillas, Lions, Jackals and more!

Preview of Voracious!

Wild in White on June 10, 2017


Come along with Jungle Jack for an adventure with rare and unique animals that all wear white. Arctic Wolves, Beluga Whales, Polar Bears, White Zebras and even an albino Alligator!

Preview of Winter White!

Jack’s Jumpers on June 3, 2017


Whether they cross huge distances in a single leap, like kangaroos, or gracefully soar above the waves, like dolphins, or escape from predators, like frogs, all of today’s countdown creatures are built to bounce, bound and jump around.

Preview of Jack’s Jumpers!