Wildlife Crime-Fighters This Weekend!

Jungle Jack is heading to the frontlines witnessing conservation and anti-poaching efforts in action around the world all to help save threatened and endangered species. Rhinos, Elephants, Primates and more!

Preview of Wildlife Crime-Fighters!

Stinkiest Stinkers on August 4, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he sniffs out the smelliest animals on the planet! Sloths, Tasmanian Devils, Sperm Whales, Binturongs, Hyenas, and more!

Preview of Stinkiest Stinkers!

Home Turf on July 28, 2018

Meet the animals that are masters of their domain. These creatures know how to protect their territories and themselves. Hippos, Elephants, Guanacos, Elephant Seals and more!

Preview of Home Turf!

Supreme Survivors on July 21, 2018

Whether it’s braving rough seas, extreme temperatures or rugged terrain, or knowing how to outwit an enemy, the creatures on today’s countdown are supremely adapted to survive the extremes. Jackals, Polar Bears, Camels, Sichuan Takin, Owl Butterflies, Fur Seals and more!

Preview of Supreme Survivors!

Jungle Critters on July 14, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he uncovers creatures living in the deep, dark jungle. Elusive reptiles like pythons and caimans, river-dwellers like piranha and Amazonian manatees and massive primates like lowland gorillas.

Preview of Jungle Critters!