Island Hopping This Weekend!

From the Florida Keys to Grand Cayman and all the way to Fiji, Jack is Island Hopping on all over the place on this Wild Countdown! Most visitors hit the…

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Camped Out on July 26, 2014

Usually, Jack has to go out looking for wild animals. In this episode see what happens when he spends the night in their world! Hippos, bears, lions and elephants are…

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Armed with Armor on July 19, 2014

This countdown is armed and ready for action! To win the battle for survival in the animal world, some species are armed to the teeth, and others defend themselves with…

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Jack of All Trades on July 12, 2014

Caring for animals can be a big job! Join Jack for some on-the-job-training as he explores six incredible, dangerous and dirty animal jobs, like wrangling crocodiles, caring for elephants, herding…

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