Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown?>


Feeding Frenzy This Weekend!

This countdown is filled with delicious and nutritious adventures. From carnivores like jackals, lions, and sharks to our vegetarian friends, the elephants, Jungle Jack is gearing up for a Feeding…

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Living on the Edge on December 3, 2016

Join Jungle Jack Hanna as he counts down the species that live their lives where other creatures fear to tread — right on the edge! Bighorn Sheep hike the world’s…

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At Home on the Range on November 26, 2016

Jungle Jack saddles up for a farm fresh countdown! Donkeys, Musk ox, camels, and all sorts of barnyard fun is in store as Jack travels to ranches and farms from…

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Paws & Claws on November 19, 2016

Jungle Jack is counting down the wildest hooves, paws and claws in the animal kingdom, from the camel’s heavy-duty hooves, to an ostrich’s razor-sharp claws, and an elephant’s soulful soles,…

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