Camped Out on This Weekend!

Usually, Jack has to go out looking for wild animals. In this episode see what happens when he spends the night in their world! Hippos, bears, lions and elephants are…

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Ebb and Flow on November 22, 2014

Being an animal is thirsty work! Learn how water impacts the lives of elephants, hippo, caiman, giraffe and more! Six stories about the water supply in diverse ecosystems around the…

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Tree for Me This on November 15, 2014

The sky’s the limit on today’s countdown.  Tigers, Orangutans, Leopards, Monkeys and more! Find out which high-flying animal is number one! Preview of Tree for Me!

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JHWC 402_nose_633

Animals and Traditions on November 8, 2014

Animals have always been important members of traditional cultures around the world. Today, meet Kenya’s Masai cattle herders, Thailand’s mahouts and their Elephants, the cowboys down south in South America,…

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