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Reptile Roundup This Weekend!

Some slither, others climb and a few pack a heckuva punch… today, it’s the Reptiles! Join Jack and the King Cobra, Anaconda, Tortoise, Chameleon and more cold-blooded creatures. Preview of…

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Hair Raising Adventures on July 25, 2015

Today, Jack is counting down six nerve-wracking adventures that are NOT for the faint of heart. Diving deep underwater in a Submarine, trekking into Mandrill country, coming face-to-face with a…

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Seeing Red on July 18, 2015

Jungle Jack Hanna is seeing red in this exclusive Wild Countdown! Discover why this color is so important to the survival of these animals in their natural habitats, and find…

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Tall Tails on July 11, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered why animals have tails, join Jungle Jack for today’s tales about tails! Some tails are dangerous, some are powerful and some are critical for high-speed navigation….

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