Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown?>


All Smiles This Weekend!

From tusks to fangs, Jack Hanna counts down six species with tremendous teeth! Preview of All Smiles!

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Rescue Me This Weekend!

What does it take to rescue some of the world’s biggest, fastest and strongest animals? Find out as Jack counts down the amazing rescue stories of six special creatures. Chimps,…

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Bringing Up Baby on September 10, 2016

From the rough and rowdy to the sweet and gentle, all baby animals have one thing in common – they’re adorable! Come along with Jungle Jack as he witnesses a…

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Gear Heads on September 3, 2016

Join Jungle Jack as he counts down six species that turn heads, like Moose, Elk, Cape Buffalo, Proboscis Monkeys and more! Whether it’s amazing antlers, awesome noses, or armored horns,…

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