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Silent but Deadly This Weekend!

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being followed? It might just be one of the predators from today’s show.  Big Cats, Gigantic Spiders, Killer Reptiles, Stealthy Raptors… whether they…

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Social Networks on March 25, 2017

Some animals have been using social networks for eons, like herds of Elephants, colonies of Ants and Bees, Hyena clans and even Chimpanzees. Today, Jungle Jack will see what it…

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Smell-o-vision on March 18, 2017

In the wild, animals use their noses to find food, water and even mates! Today, Jungle Jack counts down the animal kingdom’s superior sniffers– from grizzly bears and sharks, to…

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Think Big on March 11, 2017

Does having a big brain mean you’re the smartest? Find out on today’s countdown as Jungle Jack meets the biggest brainiacs of the animal kingdom, like Dolphins, Elephants, Dogs, Sperm…

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