Helping Hands This Weekend!

Jungle Jack is counting down animals that count on us! Baboons crossing the road in South Africa, Dogs getting vaccinated in Botswana, Orphans getting nursed back to health in Panama…it’s…

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jhwc_401_bird LIGHTENED 633

Animal Engineers on December 13, 2014

This week’s featured creatures ares some of nature’s greatest engineers and architects. constructing fortresses from leaves, designing homes with an eye for color, and building cozy bedrooms like you’ve never…

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The Big Six on December 6, 2014

The Big Five are known as Africa’s most iconic creatures, and now they’re also some of the rarest. In this episode Jack counts down his experiences with the amazing animals…

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Camped Out on November 29, 2014

Usually, Jack has to go out looking for wild animals. In this episode see what happens when he spends the night in their world! Hippos, bears, lions and elephants are…

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