Picky Eaters This Weekend!

Feast your eyes on six species that take picky eating to the extreme! A panda that brunches on bamboo, marsupials that munch on eucalyptus, flamingos that savor the flavor of…

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Living on Land and Sea on March 21, 2015

Most animals live in just one kind of habitat, but some just can’t make up their minds! In this episode, species that split their time between dry land and water….

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Hot on the Trail on March 14, 2015

Ever wonder how Jungle Jack manages to track down all of his amazing animal stories?  This weekend you’ll see high-tech gear, and good ole-fashioned know-how in action, as he tracks…

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It’s All Relative on March 7, 2015

Prepare to be shocked and amazed, because today Jack is exploring the family trees of six wild animals! Believe it or not Elephants are related to Manatees, the same is…

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