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Radical Reptiles This Weekend!

Join Jungle Jack for a cold-blooded countdown! Crocodiles, Puff Adders, Sea Turtles, Caiman, Fer de Lance and more! Preview of Radical Reptiles!

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How in the World on September 29, 2018

How in the world do bats find their way in the dark? How do caterpillars turn into butterflies? How long can tortoises really live? The world has questions, and Jungle…

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Far Out Sightings on September 22, 2018

Join Jungle Jack for some super rare animal sightings. A lake-loving Elephant, desert-dwelling Flamingos, Goats enjoying island life, Zebras in California and more! Preview of Far Out Sightings!

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Cutest Baby Countdown on September 15, 2018

Come along with Jungle Jack as he counts down the cutest and cuddliest baby animals! Preview of Cutest Baby Countdown!

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