Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown?>


Wild in the City This Weekend!

Every day, humans and wild animals are crossing paths more and more, and we’re all learning to adapt. Come along with Jungle Jack as he finds penguins sharing a beach…

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How in the World on May 20, 2017

How in the world do bats find their way in the dark? How do caterpillars turn into butterflies? How long can tortoises really live? The world has questions, and Jungle…

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Mamma Mia on May 13, 2017

Jungle Jack meets up with amazing animal moms and the little ones they care for. A jaguar looking after her cub, a baby bear sleeping alongside its mom, a white…

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The Wild Hannas on May 6, 2017

Come along for some epic Hanna family adventures like game ranger training in South Africa, babysitting a wombat in Tasmania, trekking with mandrills in Gabon, a horseback safari through Montana…

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