Andrea Feczko is a TV Personality, Writer, Producer, and YouTube Celebrity. She doesn’t like to sleep.

Currently, you can catch her planning extravagant vacations and getting the ‘W’ on HLN’s original travel competition series Vacation Chasers. Andrea’s also a Host and Senior Producer at the new 24/7 international cable network The QYOU. When Andrea’s not hosting her own shows, she enjoys being a correspondent on NBC’s First Look and VICE.

When it comes to the online world, Andrea’s YouTube videos have over 250 million combined views. Her Kesha Parody alone clocks in at over 130 million views and was recently declared the #1 Most Viewed Parody on YouTube of All Time. Just call her Weird Al 2.0.

Andrea’s quick wit and fun energy has landed her on MTV, FX, Fuse, SyFy, KCAL, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, EPIX, and many more.