North American Adventures on December 1, 2018

Andrea Feczko reminisces about the most unforgettable adventures around North America. The Bowlick family embarks on a journey to Alaska where they explore the region’s famous glaciers. The D’Attomas venture to Canada to zipline over the largest waterfall in Quebec. Next, the Ramos family visits Bar Harbor, Maine, and experiences the thrill of a fresh catch when they take an exciting boat ride and learn about lobster fishing. Finally, on a voyage in the Caribbean, Josh Lagana and his girlfriend, Alejandra, discover the magical island of Eleuthera, Bahamas, where Josh proposes a life changing surprise.

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Memories of Europe on November 24, 2018

Andrea Feczko revisits some of the most memorable voyages in Europe. The Ardley family explores the world-famous Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland, experiencing the time-honored tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone. Next, the Rainers embark on a bike riding adventure in Rome and learn about the origins of the Roman Kingdom. Then, Kate Gladfelter and friends visit Cephalonia, Greece, and discover an incredible subterranean cave. Finally, in Saranda, Albania, the Gmur family takes a scenic ride through the countryside, learning about the city’s fascinating history.

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Navigating the Northern Latitudes on November 17, 2018

Andrea Feczko revisits some of her favorite moments exploring four breathtaking countries in the Northern Latitudes. The Mitchell family goes on a journey through Visby, Sweden, and discovers the “land of roses and ruins.” Next, the Hamm family explores the countryside of Klaipeda, Lithuania, while kayaking down the Minija River. Best friends Carys and Chloe visit a quaint Icelandic village and also receive an unforgettable surprise. Finally, the Parkers embark on an epic father and son bonding adventure, creating lifelong memories along the Norwegian Coast.

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Family Time in the Last Frontier on November 10, 2018

Eleven-year-old Julia Sandusky has been bravely battling a lifelong disease called iritis. Through many surgeries and painful treatments, Julia hasn’t let anything break her spirit and decided to take her struggles and turn them into the fuel needed to start a charity called Jackets From Julia. The Sandusky family visits rescued bears, learns how to make sushi, breathes in the beauty of Glacier Bay, and gains insight into the art of totem poles. This action-packed family cruise vacation to Alaska is the perfect medicine Julia needs to put aside her daily struggles and enjoy living every moment.

Caribbean Kings on November 3, 2018

The adopted sons of the Hayes-Brown family want to thank their loving father by nominating him for a vacation to the Caribbean. They set sail to the enchanted island of Grand Turk, where they power snorkel in crystal-clear water and discover treasures of the sea. Next, the family gets a fun-filled dose of island culture when they learn about the music of the Caribbean and the region’s signature dance. Back on board the ship, the family caps off their voyage with a party to celebrate a high school graduation and pay tribute to their father.