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A New Zealand Escape on January 19, 2019

Anthony Jr. nominates his parents for a New Zealand cruise after all of their hard work giving back to their community by mentoring kids. Andrea Feczko is excited to show…

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New Memories in New Zealand on January 12, 2019

Claire Baker was just 13 years old when she heard of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed Haiti in 2010. Many children in Haiti were in need of shoes, without…

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Cultural Connections on January 5, 2018

Andrea Feczko journeys back through some of the most memorable adventures while exploring different cultures around the world. The Sandusky family travels to Ketchikan, Alaska, and is enlightened by the…

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North American Adventures on December 29, 2018

Andrea Feczko reminisces about the most unforgettable adventures around North America. The Bowlick family embarks on a journey to Alaska where they explore the region’s famous glaciers. The D’Attomas venture…

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