Rachel Reenstra’s passion for animals started at an early age. Her childhood was filled with experiences with animals in exotic locations such as India and Africa.  Growing up one of her missions became educating and sharing her love and knowledge of animals, and making life an adventure. This lead her to be cast as the star of her own animal adventure show on Discovery called “Ms. Adventure”. This series took her around the world, examining the comparisons between animal and human behavior. She has rappelled into bat caves in Texas, zip lined with Howler monkeys in Costa Rica, tracked pigmy elephants on the rivers of Borneo, studied and followed troops of wild baboons in South Africa, and swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef.

Although finding animals to be the smarter of the species, she also has extensive experience with humans. She has a masters in Psychology. She also hosted the number one design show on HGTV, has been in dozens of sitcoms, films, national commercials, voice-overs and in her spare time performs stand-up comedy and speaks and emcees large events all over the country.