The Super Order of Xenarthrans This Weekend!

Discover what an armadillo, a sloth and an anteater all have in common. Follow along as they train to participate in their own health care, and then go in for their annual check-ups.

Preview of The Super Order of Xenarthrans!

Let Me Introduce You on February 10, 2018

We’ll introduce you to some animals you may never have heard of… as a cotton-top tamarin, a gibbon, a hyrax and a hornbill visit The Wildlife Docs.

Preview of Let Me Introduce You!

Three Reptiles & a Big Cat on February 3, 2018

Follow along as a rescued baby jaguar from Panama, grows up and finds a new home in Florida. Plus, get up close and personal with some of the reptilian creatures that call Busch Gardens Tampa Bay home.

Preview of Three Reptiles & a Big Cat!

The Doctor Will See You Now on January 27, 2018

Follow along as The Wildlife Docs make some medical house calls, including a visit to an Asian elephant with a tooth problem and a rare Malayan tiger with a lip issue. Plus, a young wallaby is due in for his first big exam!

Preview of The Doctor Will See You Now!

Plight of the Penguins on January 20, 2018

Journey to South Africa to discover the great lengths being taken to bolster the endangered African penguin population, and meet dedicated teams across the world that have made it their mission to protect these penguins in peril.

Preview of Plight of the Penguins!