Walk and Roll This Weekend!

Discover the ingenious methods used to take an x-ray of a giraffe’s giant hoof. Then, an armadillo goes in for a check-up.

Preview of Walk and Roll!

The Hippo & the Raven on June 9, 2018

Meet the park’s newest, youngest and adorable hippopotamus! Then, a raven, one of the world’s smartest species, takes a break from solving her favorite puzzles for a doctor’s visit.

Preview of The Hippo & the Raven!

Jump into Conservation on June 2, 2018

Discover the amazing work being done by SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund recipients as they help animals across the globe. Then leap into action as an African bullfrog visits with park guests and The Wildlife Docs.

Preview of Jump into Conservation!

Education to the Rescue on May 26, 2018

From summer camps to the animal ambassador program, discover how Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is educating the next generation about the importance of saving wildlife. Plus, seven otter pups need rescuing.

Preview of Education to the Rescue!

The Fast and Slow of It on May 19, 2018

Discover what’s slowing down a usually fast cheetah. Plus, we’ll travel to South Africa to visit with a cheetah rescue and rehab facility. Then, take it slow with two, young Aldabra tortoises.

Preview of The Fast and Slow of It!