Caring for Cambodian Wildlife This Weekend!


On an expedition to the jungles of Cambodia, The Wildlife Docs witness the conservation work being done to save wild elephants, bears, snakes, gibbons, monkeys and other endangered wildlife.

Preview of Caring for Cambodian Wildlife!

Three Lions and a Bush Baby on February 18, 2017


Witness how fast lions grow up, and then, a lioness needs to visit The Wildlife Docs. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the park’s newest bush baby!

Preview of Three Lions and a Bush Baby!

Leapin’ Lemurs on February 11, 2017


Follow along as we visit The Duke Lemur Center to find out about the important work being done to save this endangered species. Plus, meet three baby lemurs!

Preview of Leapin’ Lemurs!

Amazing Surgeries on February 4, 2017


When a female cheetah fractures her hip, a specialist is called in to perform surgery. Then, a young flamingo requires surgery to repair a leg injury while a hyena needs a hysterectomy. Plus, a delicate procedure is performed on a kudu to remove cancer from her eye.

Preview of Amazing Surgeries!

Hopping Around the South Pacific on January 28, 2017


A female, red kangaroo needs a root canal. Plus, we’ll introduce you to some cute, colorful and camouflaged birds from the South Pacific.

Preview of Hopping Around the South Pacific!