Vet Camp to Vet Tech This Weekend!

Three years ago Kelsey was a vet camper at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Today, she’s landed her dream job, as a vet tech, assisting The Wildlife Docs. Plus, a red kangaroo goes in for her first check-up while a Western grey needs surgery.

Preview of Vet Camp to Vet Tech!

Looks Can Be Deceiving on April 7, 2018

Just because something is scaly… or prickly… or has a lot of legs, doesn’t mean you should turn away. We’ll introduce you to some creatures that get a bad rep just because of how they look.

Preview of Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Let Me Introduce You on March 31, 2018

We’ll introduce you to some animals you may never have heard of… as a cotton-top tamarin, a gibbon, a hyrax and a hornbill visit The Wildlife Docs.

Preview of Let Me Introduce You!

Plight of the Penguins on March 24, 2018

Journey to South Africa to discover the great lengths being taken to bolster the endangered African penguin population, and meet dedicated teams across the world that have made it their mission to protect these penguins in peril.

Preview of Plight of the Penguins!

Croc-a-by-Baby on March 17, 2018

The endangered Southern white rhino population is on the uptake… in the wild, and at the park, as Kisiri gives birth to an adorable 140- pound calf. Then… listen up… as the new slender snouted crocodile hatchlings are making some noise.

Preview of Croc-a-by-Baby!