100th Episode This Weekend!

Celebrate 100 episodes of The Wildlife Docs as we look back on the births of baby tigers, gorillas, lemurs, cheetahs and more. Relive conservation expeditions with the team as they help elephants, lions, sloths and even sharks!

Preview of 100th Episode!

On a Wing & a Predator on September 16, 2017

A young hyena cub has injured her elbow so the Docs must perform surgery. Plus, several species of water-dwelling birds visit The Wildlife Docs for their annual exams.

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A Tiger’s Tale on September 9, 2017

A 350-pound Malayan tiger visits the Animal Care Center for his annual exam. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a slow loris and find out what’s being done to save them from extinction.

Preview of A Tiger’s Tale!

From One Baby Gorilla to Another on September 2, 2017

There’s a new baby gorilla at the park! Witness family dynamics, as a two year old, male gorilla meets the new addition. Plus, a giant anteater is having issues with his heart.

Preview of From One Baby Gorilla to Another!

Doc’s Favorites on August 26, 2017

The Wildlife Docs each share a memorable animal procedure. First, Dr. Pete performs a dental exam on a large hippo, while Dr. Dominique deals with a much smaller patient in a lesser bush baby. Then Dr. Mike makes a house call to the elephant herd, and Dr. Maria assists in a wildebeest calf delivery.

Preview of Doc’s Favorites!