Wildlife Rescues This Weekend!


The Wildlife Docs are called on to help with some local, Tampa wildlife. First, the team assists in the rescue and care of a mother bear and her two cubs. Then, a wild emu with an injured neck and a loon with a fishing hook stuck in its throat, both need emergency surgery.

Preview of Wildlife Rescues!

Tuxedo Turk & Two Bobcats on March 25, 2017


A penguin with breathing issues needs a CT scan to find out what’s causing the problem. Then, two wild bobcats are rescued, but in need of help from The Wildlife Docs.

Preview of Tuxedo Turk & Two Bobcats!

What do Armadillos, Sloths and Anteaters have in Common on March 18, 2017


Discover what an armadillo, a sloth and an anteater all have in common. Follow along as they go into training to participate in their own health care. Plus, witness a ground dwelling bird take flight.

Preview of What do Armadillos, Sloths and Anteaters have in Common?

The Primate and the Frog on March 11, 2017


Samantha, one of the chimps at the park, has a wound that won’t heal so the Docs must perform surgery. Then, discover all kinds of frog facts. Plus, a smokey jungle frog has a leg issue.

Preview of The Primate and the Frog!

From One Baby Gorilla to Another on March 4, 2017


There’s a new baby gorilla at the park! Witness family dynamics, as a two year old, male gorilla meets the new addition. Plus, a giant anteater is having issues with his heart.

Preview of From One Baby Gorilla to Another!