The Long & Short of Animal Medicine This Weekend!

Discover all there is to know about the American alligator, and find out the treatment needed when one injures its leg. Plus, find out what it means to be a veterinary extern as a college student experiences life as a Wildlife Doc.

Preview of The Long & Short of Animal Medicine!

The Pride of the Eastern Cape on November 18, 2017

Discover the great lengths taken to keep the Eastern Cape lion population healthy for generations to come in Africa. And, meet the veterinarians and volunteers dedicated to protecting the animals in the area from poachers.

Preview of The Pride of the Eastern Cape!

Saving the Black Rhino from Extinction on November 11, 2017

On a journey to the heart of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, witness what dedicated conservationists, including a young boy, are doing to save the iconic black rhino, one of the world’s most endangered animal species, from extinction.

Preview of Saving the Black Rhino from Extinction!

Rescuing White Rhino in South Africa on November 4, 2017

Journey with Dr. Mike on a conservation mission to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Witness the amazing story of Thandi, the rhinoceros, and meet the compassionate conservationists devoted to returning and protecting Africa’s exotic and endangered wildlife.

Preview of Rescuing White Rhino in South Africa!

Saving Stingray City on October 28, 2017

Join Dr. Dominique as she journeys to Stingray City in the Cayman Islands with world-famous conservationist and artist, Guy Harvey. Follow along as the team tracks the health of the stingrays, and find out if any are pregnant!

Preview of Saving Stingray City!