Metabolic Monkey Business This Weekend!

When a cotton-top tamarin goes in for his regular check-up, The Wildlife Docs discover he has diabetes. Plus, meet five guest doctors who offer their specialized expertise to help the…

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All Eyes on the Baby Aardvark on April 23, 2016

Meet the newest addition to the aardvark family at Busch Gardens. then, an ophthalmologist performs intricate surgery to save a kudu’s eye. Preview of All Eyes on the Baby Aardvark!

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Rachel Susie and Spruce 3 X633

Snakes on a Pain on April 16, 2016

Two snakes are having issues…one won’t eat and one is having trouble breathing…and it’s up to The Wildlife Docs to find out why. Plus, a male hyena has an infected…

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Up Close with Gorillas on April 9, 2016

Journey to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, in the heart of Africa, as The Wildlife Docs witness an amazing wild gorilla family. Discover how gorilla babies learn to climb trees in the…

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