Now eight months old, cheetah cubs “Tendai” and “Thabo” are growing up fast! Try and keep up during this Saturday on ABC!

Cheetahs by Land, Lions by Sea This Weekend!

A pair of cheetah cubs is growing up fast, but one of these cats has an injury that has been slowing him down. The team travels to San Diego to…

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Best of Kangaloom: Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wallaroos on November 14, 2015

A visit to Kangaloom at Busch Gardens Tampa is like a trip to Australia where you can see kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos. First, a red and a grey kangaroo have…

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The world’s slowest mammal, sloths can sleep some 15 to 20 hours every day. Maybe all that beauty rest is what’s giving this three-toed sloth something to smile about! #TheWildlifeDocs

Panama Wildlife Rescue on November 7, 2015

The team travels to the rainforests of Panama to rescue endangered wildlife like a tiny porcupine and a howler monkey. Witness the difference between the two-toed and the three-toed sloth….

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The Long and Short of It on October 31, 2015

The team travels to Michigan to help restore one of the cutest and important animals in the forest, the American Marten.  Plus, discover the history of the giraffe herd at…

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