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Wildlife Rescues This Weekend!

The Wildlife Docs are called on to help with some local, Tampa wildlife. First, the team assists in the rescue and care of a mother bear and her two cubs….

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Saving Our Planet’s Sharks on July 15, 2017

Join Dr. Dominique as she journeys to Mexico on a shark research expedition with world famous conservationist and artist, Guy Harvey. Follow along as she dives with Guy to help study the…

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The Primate and the Frog on July 8, 2017

Samantha, one of the chimps at the park, has a wound that won’t heal so the Docs must perform surgery. Then, discover all kinds of frog facts. Plus, a smokey…

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Caring for Cambodian Wildlife on July 1, 2017

On an expedition to the jungles of Cambodia, The Wildlife Docs witness the conservation work being done to save wild elephants, bears, snakes, gibbons, monkeys and other endangered wildlife. Preview…

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