Eat, Prey, Roar on April 12, 2014

Experience the fascinating world of the anteater. Today, Adelhi, a giant anteater, is here for her first check up since she gave birth. Find out what she and the baby…

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The Best of the Big Three on April 5, 2014

Meet the five Asian elephants at the park as they enjoy a fantastic day! First, they are searching for their favorite foods in contraptions the keepers have set up for…

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The Miracle of Bolingo on March 29, 2014

We’ll meet the five western lowland gorillas that live at the park and watch as the Animal Care Specialists train them to participate in their own health care. Then Kishina…

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Hoots and Hooves on March 22, 2014

The Wildlife Docs team up with The National Audubon Society to save hundreds of wild birds a year. In this episode the Docs are working on a bared owl that…

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