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A Cast of Characters This Weekend!

“Stanley” the wallaby has broken his wrist in two places and must undergo a very delicate surgery to repair it. The recovery will be difficult, and The Wildlife Docs must…

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Love the Skin You’re In on November 22, 2014

Penguins are coming to Busch Gardens Tampa! We’ll be there as one new chick emerges from his shell, and be part of training sessions as the young penguins learn to…

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Baby Blues & Flashy Hues on November 15, 2014

A lesser bush baby named “Lana is hardly eating, and the team must work quickly to figure out what’s wrong. Plus, turacos are some of the most colorful and beautiful…

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Mothers Know Best on November 8, 2014

When a male lemur named “Gozzie” doesn’t show the female lemurs their proper respect, he ends up having to visit The Wildlife Docs as a result. Then, aardvarks don’t look…

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