Start of Something Great on December 1, 2018

On this episode of The Great Doctor Scott, these doggy babysitters are worried for Bam Bam who is in a battle for his life. Then, the doctor opens up a surprise who needs some help getting back to the wild and this prickly customer enjoys a bit of the pampered life.

Preview of Start of Something Great!

Water Therapy on December 1, 2018

On this episode of The Great Doctor Scott, a much-loved cat finds itself in big trouble, but that’s just the beginning. Then it’s just another day at the office for Dr. Scott and his special patient Mabel as they enjoy a little hydrotherapy, and later will the doctor be able to solve this parakeet puzzle?

Preview of Water Therapy!

Puppies and Foxes on November 24, 2018

Doctor Scott performs eye surgery on a 14-week-old puppy after being attacked by a cat and a wild fox with a broken leg is taken to a referral clinic.

Preview of Puppies and Foxes!

Lost Cat Shepherd on November 24, 2018

The doctor gets a visit from a seven-year-old German Shepherd who is having some trouble walking. Then, a lost cat finds his way to the clinic, but will he find his way back home, or maybe a new one?

Preview of Lost Cat Shepherd!

Meerkat and the Chickens on November 17, 2018

Doctor Scott gets a call to check in on 58 Rescued chickens, and he hopes that a positive check-up will help them all to find new homes. Then, an aggressive Meerkat hopes that he can find tranquility with the help of the doctor.

Preview of Meerkat and the Chickens!