The Wise Feline on February 16, 2019

An elder statesman cat and his family deal with the health challenges of a geriatric feline.

Preview of The Wise Feline!

Rookie of the Year on February 9, 2019

Fresh starts abound for everyone today from Rookie Vet Riaz’s first day on the job and a stray kitten’s chance for a real home to Kylie’s early struggles and beautiful recovery. All’s well that ends well with Doctor Scott and his team.

Preview of Rookie of the Year!

Bonnie’s Babies on February 2, 2019

Doctor Scott helps poodle-mix, Bonnie, deliver a huge litter of puppies.

Preview of Bonnie’s Babies!

Bam Bam & Rudy on January 26, 2019

The clinic’s most feared dog comes in for a grooming and the clinic’s oldest cat comes in for surgery.

Preview of Bam Bam & Rudy!

Fawning for Archie on January 19, 2019

Archie the Bulldog is back, but this time he’s in big trouble, and then Dr. Scott helps with the release of two baby fawns.

Preview of Fawning for Archie!