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Fawning for Archie on January 19, 2019

Archie the Bulldog is back, but this time he’s in big trouble, and then Dr. Scott helps with the release of two baby fawns. Preview of Fawning for Archie!

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Meerkat and the Chickens on January 12, 2019

Doctor Scott gets a call to check in on 58 Rescued chickens, and he hopes that a positive check-up will help them all to find new homes. Then, an aggressive…

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Calamity Cat on January 5, 2019

On this episode of The Great Doctor Scott, a kamikaze cat crash lands from a third-floor apartment. Then, star power at the clinic, as a former S-Club 7 pop idol…

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Sphynx Cat on December 29, 2018

A grumpy and hairless Sphynx cat visits the doctor to see if she can do something about her aggressive ways, but will she be nice to the doctor? Then, a…

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