Friends ‘Til the End This Weekend!

Two malnourished sea lion pups are rescued and the SeaWorld team is astonished to discover the close bond they form. Then, a bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning is discovered on a farm and rescuers race to keep this symbol of America alive.

Preview of Friends ‘Til the End!

All Alone on August 4, 2018

Four stories of young animals who are in trouble and all on their own. A starving sea lion clinging to a rock, a baby manatee who becomes a super mom, a rare turtle hatchling with a missing flipper, and a days old orphaned harbor seal.

Preview of All Alone!

Throwing a Lifeline on July 28, 2018

When an injured Western gull lands in the middle of a schoolyard, a seventh grader steps in to help. Then, SeaWorld rescuers respond to a sea lion with devastating injuries that could leave him blind. Can they save Buck the sea lion?

Preview of Throwing a Lifeline!

After the Storm on July 21, 2018

Hurricane Matthew washes thousands of tiny turtles back to shore and rescuers scramble to save their precious lives. Then, flooding from Hurricane Hermine allows manatees a chance to explore, but when they get stuck rescuers must step in to save them.

Preview of After the Storm!

Troubled Waters on July 14, 2018

When a deadly algae bloom breaks out along the Pacific Coast, rescuers race against the clock to save as many marine animals as they can. Then, two rescue baby manatees form a close bond while recuperating.

Preview of Troubled Waters!