It Takes a Village This Weekend!

Meet the dedicated teams who travel to Nicaragua to try to save threatened and endangered sea turtles from extinction. Then, a helpless harbor seal pup is tangled in a deadly nylon fishing net and it’s going to take an air lift to get it to safety.

Preview of It Takes a Village!

Double Jeopardy on December 9, 2017

When a sea lion is spotted with a potentially deadly tangle of fishing gear around his neck, the SeaWorld team races to help. Then, when a creek becomes a death trap for a dolphin, he doesn’t make life easy for rescuers who try to help him.

Preview of Double Jeopardy!

Something to Write Home About on December 2, 2017

It’s the heartwarming tale of an injured sea lion and the caring eight-year old animal lover who became part of the effort to save her life. Then, when a critically endangered leatherback sea turtle washes ashore in Florida, a rescue team leaps into action to save it.

Preview of Something to Write Home About!

Giants of the Deep on November 25, 2017

In this special episode, host Matt Gutman travels to Mexico with renowned artist and shark conservationist Guy Harvey to dive with the biggest fish in the sea, the mysterious whale shark and to discover what’s driving an ecotourism boom.

Preview of Giants of the Deep!

Class Act on November 18, 2017

Two sisters go on a ride along with the SeaWorld team and end up helping to save a sick elephant seal. Then, students rescue an ailing turtle on the beaches of Cape Cod and a remarkable journey begins to get this survivor well again and back to its ocean home.

Preview of Class Act!