Double Jeopardy This Weekend!

When a sea lion is spotted with a potentially deadly tangle of fishing gear around his neck, the SeaWorld team races to help. Then, when a creek becomes a death trap for a dolphin, he doesn’t make life easy for rescuers who try to help him.

Preview of Double Jeopardy!

Something to Write Home About on October 7, 2017

It’s the heartwarming tale of an injured sea lion and the caring eight-year old animal lover who became part of the effort to save her life. Then, when a critically endangered leatherback sea turtle washes ashore in Florida, a rescue team leaps into action to save it.

Preview of Something to Write Home About!

One, Two, Three…Rescue on September 30, 2017

A humpback whale is dragging a mass of commercial fishing gear in its mouth so a rescue team races to help. Then, an unlucky sea turtle has swallowed not one, not two but three fishing hooks.

Preview of One, Two, Three…Rescue!

Medical Marvels on September 23, 2017

Four stories featuring animals with mysterious and challenging ailments that have rescuers pulling out all the stops to get them well again. A mother turtle who gives everything for her hatchlings; a manatee that can’t swim normally; a harbor seal that can’t swallow her food, and another seal that narrowly escaped falling prey to a shark.

Preview of Medical Marvels!

Maternal Instincts on September 16, 2017

It’s Mother’s Day, but while people celebrate, one manatee mom and her calf are in grave trouble. Then, a loggerhead sea turtle overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds with the help of a dedicated volunteer.

Preview of Maternal Instincts!