Stuck This Weekend!

Four stories of animals trapped in dangerous locations – a dolphin trapped in a freshwater lake, two stories of manatees stuck in drain pipes, and a harbor seal wedged in a narrow, rocky crevice.

Preview of Stuck!

From Cradle to Sea on June 9, 2018

The SeaWorld rescue team steps in after a harbor seal pup is abandoned by its mother. Then, when a tiny orphaned manatee is discovered all alone, rescuers act as a surrogate mother to Moose the manatee.

Preview of From Cradle to Sea!

Patience is a Virtue on June 2, 2018

A sea lion is in a precarious spot that’s hard to reach, so a rescuer will need a lot of patience if he’s going to be able to save “Patience” the sea lion. Then, when a dolphin gets stuck in an estuary in San Diego, local lifeguards and the SeaWorld team have to battle through thick, sticky mud to try and save him.

Preview of Patience is a Virtue!

Whale Tales on May 26, 2018

In this special episode, viewers have a front row seat to four dramatic whale rescues. A mysterious whale washes ashore all alone; a humpback whale is helplessly entangled in fishing gear; a rarely seen baby whale needs around the clock care; and four young pilot whales, left without a pod, form a strong bond.

Preview of Whale Tales!

Everyday Heroes on May 19, 2018

Brave rescuers battle to free a whale that has a mass of ropes caught in its mouth off the coast of Canada. Then, a sea turtle is accidentally hooked by a fisherman so the operation begins to save the life of Walter the loggerhead.

Preview of Everyday Heroes!