Help is on the Way This Weekend!

A lost white pelican lands on a California Highway and a Patrol Officer becomes an unlikely hero. Then, when a sea turtle swims so far north he becomes sick from the cold rescuers step in.

Preview of Help is on the Way!

Neighborhood Watch on February 10, 2018

When a curious manatee finds herself stuck in an underground pipe, a community rallies to help get her well again. Then, a prehistoric-looking leatherback sea turtle strands next to an apartment complex and it’s all hands on deck to save this incredible creature of the deep.

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Stuck on February 3, 2018

Four stories of animals trapped in dangerous locations – a dolphin trapped in a freshwater lake, two stories of manatees stuck in drain pipes, and a harbor seal wedged in a narrow, rocky crevice.

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From Cradle to Sea on January 27, 2018

The SeaWorld rescue team steps in after a harbor seal pup is abandoned by its mother. Then, when a tiny orphaned manatee is discovered all alone, rescuers act as a surrogate mother to Moose the manatee.

Preview of From Cradle to Sea!

Salt of the Earth on January 20, 2018

A sea turtle stuck in a salt pond could die of dehydration unless rescuers can treat him in time. Then, a sick dolphin lost in a murky canal must overcome some major obstacles to get back out to his ocean home.

Preview of Salt of the Earth!