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Deeply Moving This Weekend!

Leatherback sea turtles are huge, endangered and rarely come ashore, so when one turns up sick in Florida it’s all hands on deck to save her. Then two fur seals…

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Great Moms on June 27, 2015

In this special episode, we meet four rescued animals that also happen to be great mothers. A manatee with a newborn and a pregnant manatee that are tangled up in…

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A Rocky Road to Recovery on June 20, 2015

A sick Rissos’s Dolphin washes ashore in Delaware, and it’s a race against time to get him the help he needs. Then rescuers have their hands full as they try…

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Ups and Downs on June 13, 2015

A manatee floats at an odd angle after being hit by a boast so the SeaWorld team steps in to help him. Then, after a rarely seen Bryde’s whale strands…

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