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Something in the Water This Weekend!

A rare leatherback sea turtle strands in South Carolina and rescuers hope this will become the first successfully rescued, rehabilitated and returned leatherback in state history. Then, a mysterious substance…

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Trouble on the Sand on August 20, 2016

A large male sea lion is spotted with a deadly tangle of line and a fishing lure caught in his mouth, and rescuers need to find him before it’s too…

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A Profound Legacy on August 13, 2016

Meet the pioneers who spent decades perfecting techniques to safely and successfully sedate and return entangled sea lions in the wild. Then, when a female loggerhead sea turtle is taken…

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Dangerous Entanglements on August 6, 2016

Two dolphins, a whale and a sea lion are all fighting for their lives while tangled up in fishing gear. In this special edition of Sea Rescue, teams work quickly…

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