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Deep Blue This Weekend!

A very young harbor seal is separated from its mom and without help this pup will die. Then, a loggerhead sea turtle is rescued after an oil spill and the…

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All Tangled Up on January 14, 2017

A humpback whale is tangled up in commercial fishing gear and it will take a herculean effort by a Canadian rescue team to save this majestic animal. Then, an unfortunate…

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Back from the Brink on January 7, 2017

When a manatee becomes stuck in water that’s too cold for him to survive, the SeaWorld Rescue Team steps in to save him. Then, we meet the members of a…

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Hard Times on December 31, 2016

California sea lions have been coming ashore starving and emaciated in record numbers. In this special episode host Matt Gutman and a team of experts go on a journey to…

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