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Lucky Streak This Weekend!

An exhausted pelican lands on a busy highway in Florida and Sea Rescue host Matt Gutman is there to assist with the rescue. Then, a manatee called Streak becomes ill…

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A Gigantic Challenge on October 3, 2015

Marine biologists spend years trying to perfect a technique to help rescue one of the biggest creatures on the planet: the right whale. Then, it’s an ecological disaster as oil…

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Lost in the Fog This on September 5, 2015

A gray whale is tangled up in commercial fishing gear near the U.S. border with Canada but disappears into the fog as a rescue team tries to free it. Then,…

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It’s A Wrap on August 29, 2015

When SeaWorld rescues a newborn harbor seal it’s so cold they wrap it in blankets to keep it alive. Then a sea turtle is rescued from a nuclear power plant…

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