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Otterly Amazing This Weekend!

Four stories featuring otters in desperate need of human help. An oiled otter in danger of freezing, two stranded orphans helpless and alone, and one otter in Vancouver suffering from…

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All Tangled Up on March 25, 2017

A humpback whale is tangled up in commercial fishing gear and it will take a herculean effort by a Canadian rescue team to save this majestic animal. Then, an unfortunate…

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Badge of Courage on March 18, 2017

The U. S. Coast Guard doesn’t just save people, sometimes it saves animals, and in this story we see some of their most memorable wildlife rescues. Then, faced with a…

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Spring Into Action on March 11, 2017

Four starving sea lion pups are rescued from a Southern California beach, but rescuers have their hands full trying to get them well again. Then, a manatee is struck by…

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