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It’s A Wrap This Weekend!

When SeaWorld rescues a newborn harbor seal it’s so cold they wrap it in blankets to keep it alive. Then a sea turtle is rescued from a nuclear power plant…

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A Lifeline to Survival on August 22, 2015

A sea lion has fishing line wrapped tightly around her neck, so the SeaWorld Rescue team races to help her. Then, when they hatch, leatherback turtles are supposed to scramble…

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A Deadly Loop on August 15, 2015

Packing straps floating in the water are ending up around the necks of sea lions, but fortunately help is at hand. Then, a coastal bird called the Light Footed Clapper…

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On the Edge on August 8, 2015

When a shark floats listlessly in the shallow water of a marina, the SeaWorld Rescue team steps in to help and a pleasant surprise awaits them. Then, when sheriff’s deputies…

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