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Lucky Streak This Weekend!

A curious seal gets a surprising injury. Then, a manatee is stuck in cold water and if rescuers don’t move quickly, Streak the manatee may not survive. Preview of Lucky…

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Goose on the Loose on April 15, 2017

A wandering manatee becomes trapped in frigid waters but to save his life, first rescuers will have to find him. Then, a gray seal is stuck in a canal and…

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Turning the Tide on April 8, 2017

A devastating storm approaches a small island in the middle of the Pacific, threatening the lives of thousands of albatross and their chicks. Then, an entangled sea lion evades rescuers…

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Otterly Amazing on April 1, 2017

Four stories featuring otters in desperate need of human help. An oiled otter in danger of freezing, two stranded orphans helpless and alone, and one otter in Vancouver suffering from…

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