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In Their Tracks This Weekend!

Shark populations are in serious trouble, but thankfully conservationists around the world are working hard to ensure these incredible animals are around for generations. Then, can rescue teams save a…

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Medical Marvels on May 20, 2017

Four stories featuring animals with mysterious and challenging ailments that have rescuers pulling out all the stops to get them well again. A mother turtle who gives everything for her…

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Maternal Instincts on May 13, 2017

It’s Mother’s Day, but while people celebrate, one manatee mom and her calf are in grave trouble. Then, a loggerhead sea turtle overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds with the help of…

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A Long Trip on May 6, 2017

A stranded sea lion pup is starving and the rescue team walks several miles to help him. Then, rescuers and a pilot join forces to get a sea turtle named…

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