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Contaminated Waters This Weekend!

This special episode of Sea Rescue looks at four examples of marine life being affected by contaminated water. Pelicans are paralyzed when a lake turns toxic; sea lions are sickened…

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An Uncommon Visitor on October 15, 2016

When the SeaWorld team responds to a report of a young sea lion wandering into a local seafood restaurant they find her curled up in a booth. Then, thousands of…

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Muddy Waters on October 8, 2016

When a dolphin gets stuck in a muddy inlet, local lifeguards and the SeaWorld Rescue Team join forces to try to save him. ┬áThen, an adorable baby sea otter is…

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One, Two, Three…Rescue on October 1, 2016

A humpback whale is dragging a mass of commercial fishing gear in its mouth so a rescue team races to help. Then, an unlucky sea turtle has swallowed not one,…

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