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An Uncommon Visitor This Weekend!

When the SeaWorld team responds to a report of a young sea lion wandering into a local seafood restaurant they find her curled up in a booth. Then, thousands of…

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Muddy Waters on December 3, 2016

When a dolphin gets stuck in a muddy inlet, local lifeguards and the SeaWorld Rescue Team join forces to try to save him.  Then, an adorable baby sea otter is…

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One, Two, Three…Rescue on November 26, 2016

A humpback whale is dragging a mass of commercial fishing gear in its mouth so a rescue team races to help. Then, an unlucky sea turtle has swallowed not one,…

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Badge of Courage on November 19, 2016

The U. S. Coast Guard doesn’t just save people, sometimes it saves animals, and in this story we see some of their most memorable wildlife rescues. Then, faced with a…

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