Jack F. Steward

Jack Steward knew he was destined to visit every national park in America from the time he first laid eyes on a grizzly bear in Yellowstone. Even as a six year old, when his family took their first national park road trip, Jack felt a connection to the extraordinary wild spaces known as the US National Parks and everything he has done since then has been in preparation for a life of exploration.  Jack attended college at the University of Montana, because it was in close proximity to several national parks and he pursued a career in television so he could hone his storytelling skills.  Jack began work as a production assistant on several travel series, and has served as a story producer, camera operator and editor for many television productions since then. Today, Jack carries a camera wherever he goes and lives in Redondo Beach, California where he is just hours away from dozens of national parks and wilderness areas.

Colton D. Smith

Growing up in Delano, Minnesota, a small town on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Colton Smith wasn’t one to sit still for long. When he wasn’t competing in basketball or football, he was actively exploring the countryside around him. His thirst for adventure brought him west to the University of Montana where he fell in love with the wildlife, rivers and mountains of western Montana.  With a passion for fitness and the outdoors, Colton became an avid hiker and was drawn to the majestic peaks of Glacier National Park.  Together with his lifelong buddy, Jack Steward, Colton has made it his personal mission to visit every national park in the US and regularly hops in his car for the next adventure from his home base in Scottsdale, AZ.