Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner?>


The Richness of Roebuck Bay This Weekend!

Tim travels to Western Australia and uncovers the mysteries of Roebuck Bay, from curious creatures hidden in the mud to the thousands of migrating birds to a newly discovered dolphin…

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Frogs of the Gold Coast on March 25, 2017

Tim journeys to southern Queensland to learn more about frog conservation efforts and to search for some of the region’s endangered amphibians in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Preview of Frogs…

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Return to Kangaroo Island on March 18, 2017

Tim returns to Kangaroo Island for new adventures with the mysterious echidna, a colony of sea lions, and a mob of the hopping marsupials for which the island is named….

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Diamond Pythons and Pygmy Lizards on March 11, 2017

On today’s Outback Adventures, Tim rescues a diamond python from a family’s drainpipe and travels to South Australia to look for the pygmy bluetongue skink, a rare lizard long believed…

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