Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner?>


Swimming with Sharks This Weekend!

Tim goes on a shark adventure and climbs in the water and also visits a bird sanctuary on Kangaroo Island to get up close to a Wedge Tailed Eagle. Preview…

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Emus to Amuse on February 18, 2017

On this week’s Outback Adventures, mischievous emus at the Reptile Park must be caught and relocated, and troublesome alligators must be tagged for identification. Preview of Emus to Amuse!

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Western Australia Lizard Expedition on February 11, 2017

Tim travels to the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia where he finds a variety of lizards and snakes; closer to home, he visits Hunter Valley Zoo to assist with antelope…

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A Clean Bilby of Health on February 4, 2017

Tim welcomes two bilby babies and gives them a check-up, and travels to Watagans National Park to help capture deadly funnel-web spiders for the Reptile Park venom program. Preview of…

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