Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner?>


South Australian Stories This Weekend!

Tim journeys to South Australia for adventures with the southern hairy nosed wombat and a colony of sea lions. Preview of South Australian Stories!

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Capturing Clever Koalas on May 20, 2017

This week on Outback Adventures, Tim travels to Kangaroo Island to learn about conservation of the koala population. In Western Australia, Tim helps assists in the removal of a king…

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The Marsupials of Dryandra on May 13, 2017

On today’s Outback Adventures, Tim travels to the Dryandra Woodlands in Western Australia to go in search of endangered numbats and woylies. Preview of The Marsupials of Dryandra!

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Be Wary of the Cassowary on May 6, 2017

On today’s Outback Adventures, Tim plays cassowary matchmaker, helps catch an antagonistic antelope and welcomes dwarf king snake babies to the Reptile Park. Preview of Be Wary of the Cassowary!

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