Spanish Seaside Adventure on December 1, 2018

Jeff’s ship arrives in Vigo, Spain where he discovers an ancient civilization that once thrived along this dramatic coastline. Then, he experiences the local seafood culture firsthand by harvesting mussels, before scrambling the rocky coastline with a spear to gather a prized delicacy.

Preview of Spanish Seaside Adventure!

A French Classic on November 24, 2018

Jeff’s ship docks in Le Havre and he explores the coast of France beginning with the ancient, towering icon of Mont St. Michel. Next, Jeff experiences escargot, a French favorite culinary tradition, and visits Utah Beach, the site of World War II’s D-Day.

Preview of A French Classic!

Nature Island on November 17, 2018

Jeff’s ship arrives in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, where he discovers the wildlife of the rainforest and descends a 200-foot waterfall. On a dive, Jeff explores a vibrant coral reef and feels geothermal activity below the seafloor. He wraps his adventure by catching a bounty of fresh fish for a delicious beach cookout and carnival celebration.

Preview of Nature Island!

Jewel of Japan on November 10, 2018

Jeff cruises to Kanazawa, Japan and discovers the ancient practice of yabusame archery. He explores a mouthwatering seafood market that’s stood for 300 years and takes in the scenic banks of the Sai River while learning an ancient samurai technique for fishing.

Preview of Jewel of Japan!

Captain Corwin on November 3, 2018

Jeff sails to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and explores the world’s largest flower auction. Then, he learns the traditional Dutch way to make Gouda cheese from a local family. Finally, Jeff navigates a cruise ship into port in a virtual training simulator.

Preview of Captain Corwin!