Terrific Tenerife on August 17, 2019

Jeff’s ship arrives in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, for an epic adventure exploring Spanish culture and history. Jeff learns an ancient whistling language, and then he crafts artisanal goat cheese. Plus, Jeff encounters critically-endangered angel sharks, park of the region’s rare sea life. Finally, Jeff gets face to face with 2,000-year-old mummies as he unwraps the island’s mysterious past.

Preview of Terrific Tenerife!

Ancient Chinese Secrets on August 10, 2019

Jeff sails into the bustling port of Hong Kong where he visits the famed Big Buddha and takes a tour of the city’s iconic street food. Then, Jeff heads out on the bay to experience Hong Kong’s humble fishing village roots. Finally, Jeff savors the time-honored culture of Chinese tea.

Preview of Ancient Chinese Secrets!

Tigers, Spice, and All Things Nice on August 3, 2019

Jeff arrives to the historic port of Cochin, India where he experiences the ancient performance art of Kathakali in full costume. Then, he treks through a tiger preserve and discovers India’s incredible native wildlife, including the elusive Bengal tiger. Finally, Jeff visits the famous spice market and washes down his adventure with a taste of the region’s specialty, masala chai.

Preview of Tigers, Spice, and All Things Nice!

Awesome Adventures on July 27, 2019

Jeff cruises around the globe, seeking out the planet’s most awesome adventures! In Australia, Jeff climbs high above Sydney for a sweeping view of its famous harbor. Then, he sails to Japan to explore the world of the Samurai. Jeff’s adventure continues in Sri Lanka exploring a mighty waterfall, and in Dominica discovering volcanic activity beneath the Caribbean Sea.

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Wonder Down Under on July 20, 2019

Jeff cruises to the breathtaking port of Hobart, on the Australian island of Tasmania, where he visits an ancient underground cave system with rare and endemic life. Then, he cuddles up with the famously feisty Tasmanian devil before topping his adventure exploring a protected marine area teeming with hundreds of gorgeous Australian fur seals.

Preview of Wonder Down Under!