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Tuscan Adventure on January 19, 2019

Jeff cruises to Livorno, Italy where he explores Tuscany and saddles up with the region’s famous butteri cowboys. Then, he teams up with a local chef to forage for wild…

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Nature Island on January 12, 2019

Jeff’s ship arrives in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, where he discovers the wildlife of the rainforest and descends a 200-foot waterfall. On a dive, Jeff explores a…

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Jewel of Japan on January 5, 2019

Jeff cruises to Kanazawa, Japan and discovers the ancient practice of yabusame archery. He explores a mouthwatering seafood market that’s stood for 300 years and takes in the scenic banks…

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Captain Corwin on December 29, 2018

Jeff sails to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and explores the world’s largest flower auction. Then, he learns the traditional Dutch way to make Gouda cheese from a local family. Finally, Jeff navigates…

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