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Polynesian Paradise on June 29, 2019

Jeff sails to the island of Mo’orea for the ultimate Polynesian experience, starting with a traditional celebration of fishing and preparing a mouthwatering feast in a special underground oven. Then,…

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Uncovering Lisbon on June 22, 2019

Jeff cruises to Lisbon, Portugal, and discovers why it’s become a global hotspot for dinosaur experts and curious travelers alike as he teams with a renowned local archaeologist to uncover…

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Seaside Adventures on June 15, 2019

Jeff sets sail in search of the planet’s ultimate seaside adventures. In Curacao, he explores a precious coral reef while helping to protect the ecosystem. Then, Jeff paddles between the…

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Adventure in Oz on June 8, 2019

Jeff’s ship arrives in Sydney Harbor, where he climbs the iconic Harbor Bridge for the ultimate view of this gorgeous coastal city. Then, he discovers the amazing local wildlife and…

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