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The Predators of Shark River This Weekend!

Host Jeff Corwin travels to the largest wetland wilderness in the U.S., the Florida Everglades. Teaming up with expert biologists, Jeff is on a mission to help save the Everglades’…

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Best of Atlantic on May 16, 2015

Host Jeff Corwin is on an epic adventure across our planet’s second largest ocean to discover some of the amazing species that call the Atlantic their home. Jeff helps rescue…

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Family Ties on May 9, 2015

Host Jeff Corwin explores the exciting and unexpected ways different animal species care for their young. Jeff connects with a pregnant beluga whale and a pregnant dolphin, helps conservationists protect…

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Elephant Seals on May 2, 2015

Host Jeff Corwin travels to the beautiful beaches of central California to connect with the massive and mighty elephant seal. Jeff witnesses one of the most epic animal migrations on…

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