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One for the Birds This Weekend!

Host Jeff Corwin is on an adventure across the Pacific Ocean to unravel the mysteries of sea birds. In Alaska, Jeff visits a family of Puffins that use their wings…

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Journey Across the Pacific on November 15, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin travels from the coast of California to the cliffs of Alaska, from the volcanoes of Hawaii to the coral reefs of Australia, all on an epic journey…

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Snake, Rattle, and Roll on November 5, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin explores his home state of Massachusetts on a mission to help save endangered timber rattlesnakes. Jeff captures wild snakes for research, learns about the amazing breeding programs…

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Best of Reptiles on November 1, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin travels from Africa to Australia, hot on the trail of the world’s most amazing reptiles! Jeff uncovers the hidden nests of American alligators in Florida, captures giant…

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