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The Secrets of Venom on September 27, 2014

Jeff Corwin travels to the northern-eastern tip of Australia searching for some of the most venomous sea snakes in the ocean. Jeff works with renown biologists to collect, analyze, and…

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The Flying Foxes of Australia on September 20, 2014

Jeff Corwin explores the Gold Coast of Australia to connect with giant bats. A recent heat wave devastated many threatened bat colonies throughout the region, and Jeff works with local…

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The Okavango Delta on September 13, 2014

Jeff Corwin travels to the largest wetland habitat in southern Africa to explore the vast waterways of the Okavango Delta.  Jeff encounters great herds of elephants, lagoons filled with deadly hippos, amazing…

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Cute Critters of Australia on September 6, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin travels to Phillip Island in Australia to connect with some of the amazing animals that live down under! Jeff visits a busy Koala Conservation Center and helps…

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