African Safari on This Weekend!

During the rainy season, host Jeff Corwin travels to the largest wetland habitat in southern Africa to explore the vast waterways of the Okavango Delta. At every turn, Jeff encounters…

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The Snakes of Southern Africa on August 23, 2014

Jeff Corwin visits a village in Botswana threatened by the deadliest snakes in all of Africa! Jeff relocates the viper deep in the Okavango wilderness and along the way encounters…

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Nile Crocodiles on August 16, 2014

Jeff travels to Botswana, Africa to help protect and save one of the largest predators on Earth, the Nile Crocodile!  Using the latest in aerial photography to navigate the remote…

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Hawaii Shark Encounter on August 9, 2014

Jeff joins an international team of biologists on a mission to explore the mysterious world of Hawaii’s sharks.  Using the latest technology, Jeff comes face to face with deep water…

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