Pinnipeds at Georgia Aquarium This Weekend!

Host Jeff Corwin takes us behind the scenes at Georgia Aquarium, as he visits the pinniped species living there. Jeff joins veterinarian Alexa McDermott as she conducts a health assessment…

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Tortuguero National Park on June 25, 2016

Host Jeff Corwin travels to the remote and beautiful Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica where he explores this unique and remarkably rich protected ecosystem where freshwater meets the sea….

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Exploring the World of Venom on June 18, 2016

Host Jeff Corwin takes us on an exploration of the fascinating world of venomous animals living in the greatly diverse and beautiful country of Costa Rica. Jeff will join Florida…

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Best of Fish Diversity on June 11, 2016

Host Jeff Corwin will take us through a journey exploring some of the wide variety and diversity of fish we can find on our Earth’s waters. Jeff joins a team…

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