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The Whales of Hawaii on October 18, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin joins a team of biologists racing to save the magnificent whales of the Hawaiian Islands! Equipped with latest satellite technology, underwater microphones, and genetic testing technology, Jeff…

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The Island of Tasmania on October 11, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin travels way under down under to explore the amazing island of Tasmania! Jeff uncovers the ancient secrets of this exotic island, separated from mainland Australia by 150…

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A Day at the Aquarium on October 4, 2014

Host Jeff Corwin and his two young daughters explore world-renowned Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! Jeff gives his girls an up-close look at animal care and gives us behind-the-scenes access to…

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The Secrets of Venom on September 27, 2014

Jeff Corwin travels to the northern-eastern tip of Australia searching for some of the most venomous sea snakes in the ocean. Jeff works with renown biologists to collect, analyze, and…

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