Trapped! on April 20, 2019

As Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea erupts, farm animals become trapped by flowing lava! Then, as Hurricane Irma rolled across Florida, a small community is inundated by rising flood waters. Can they be saved in time?

Preview of Trapped!

Meet the residents of Good Samaritan Society in Kissimmee, FL who experienced the revival of their community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma with help from BELFOR Property Restoration.

Out of Nowhere on April 13, 2019

A tornado rips through Tulsa at night, pushing a mother to the brink. And, injured wildlife gets some much needed help and TLC during a wildfire.

Preview of Out of Nowhere!

After an EF2 tornado tore through Tulsa, Oklahoma, BELFOR Property Restoration helped this business owner put the pieces back together. BELFOR restored not only the physical building structure, but also the business’ hope for new growth.

Evacuate. Now! on April 2, 2019

Help couldn’t come quick enough for the survivors of Hurricane Michael. And, as a wildfire intensifies, some furry friends get some help just in the nick of time.

Preview of Evacuate. Now!

Meet the brave first responders who rescued helpless animals from a blazing wildfire in Vacaville, CA!

Help From Above on March 30, 2019

As flooding overtakes an apartment complex in Kansas, help can’t come quickly enough! Then, a car of people is swept off a flooded bridge, and it’s going to take an Army to rescue them!

What’s Left Behind on February 23, 2019

Stuck in a tree while fleeing a flash flood, a couple and their dog need help as first responders are precariously tasked with a miraculous rescue! Then, as firefighters battle a blaze in an apartment building, tenants are forced to rethink the true value of their possessions.