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Trapped! on April 20, 2019

As Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea erupts, farm animals become trapped by flowing lava! Then, as Hurricane Irma rolled across Florida, a small community is inundated by rising flood waters. Can they…

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Out of Nowhere on April 13, 2019

A tornado rips through Tulsa at night, pushing a mother to the brink. And, injured wildlife gets some much needed help and TLC during a wildfire. Preview of Out of…

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Evacuate. Now! on April 2, 2019

Help couldn’t come quick enough for the survivors of Hurricane Michael. And, as a wildfire intensifies, some furry friends get some help just in the nick of time. Preview of…

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Help From Above on March 30, 2019

As flooding overtakes an apartment complex in Kansas, help can’t come quickly enough! Then, a car of people is swept off a flooded bridge, and it’s going to take an…

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