A Puffin on the Shetland Islands of Scotland 633

Birds of a Feather This Weekend!

Host Richard Wiese travels from England to Africa to discover why birds of a feather flock together. Discover the royal heritage of wild swans in England and visit the largest…

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A Loggerhead Turtle in South Africa X633

Extreme Survivors on November 22, 2014

Join Host Richard Wiese as he travels across three continents in search of hardy creatures that have survived on this planet for eons. In Australia, Richard encounters wild camels and…

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Richard Wiese at the Sierra West Ranch in Alberta Canada X633

The Cowboys of Alberta on November 15, 2014

Richard Wiese explores the picturesque province of Alberta, Canada to experience the Old West and discovers a thriving cowboy culture on the plains. Bucking broncos and bull riding are highlights…

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Walking through the desert in Morocco X633

Morocco: Exotic Land on November 8, 2014

Host Richard Wiese journeys across Morocco to discover the spirit of this exotic North African land. In Marrakech, he explores the Djemma el Fna, the thousand year-old marketplace where snake…

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