Learn how to dance in the Barong style with a traditional trip to the Indonesian coast on Born to Explore! Saturday on ABC.

Legends of Dance This Weekend!

Join Richard Wiese as he discovers the spellbinding dance traditions of cultures around the world. In Indonesia, the colorful Barong Dance tells the story of the struggle between good and…

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The Plantation Singers perform at Boone Hall Plantation.

Taste of America on November 14, 2015

Richard Wiese explores the USA. Travel to South Dakota to experience the Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park. Then, head to Arizona to explore the majesty of Tower Butte,…

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Turkey? Simply stunning. Take a trip to Cappadocia with Born to Explore this weekend!

Turkish Delight on November 7, 2015

Join Richard Wiese as he journeys to Turkey, the vibrant land where East meets West. He starts in Istanbul, the ancient city formerly known as Constantinople, where ancient traditions meet…

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baby and traditionally dressed mother 633X371

The Colors of Tanzania on October 31, 2015

Richard Wiese journeys to Tanzania to experience its people, rich cultures and amazing wildlife.  He travels deep into the Serengeti bush for a rare encounter with a Stone Age tribe…

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