A Red Wolf of North Carolina X633

Ultimate Survivors This Weekend!

Join Richard Wiese as he travels across three continents in search of creatures who have survived on this planet for eons. In Australia, Richard encounters saltwater crocodiles and helps a…

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Termites in South Africa X633

Strange Food This Weekend on August 23, 2014

Join Richard Wiese as he embarks on an unusual and tasty journey in search of exotic foods that for some cultures are just everyday edibles. In South Africa, Richard meets…

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633_Richard Wiese with a mommoth tusk and jaw bone

Mammoths on Broadway on August 9, 2014

Join Richard in the Big Apple as he explores an unusual side of the city.  In Central Park, he forages for wild edibles with Wildman Steve Brill.  Then, Richard investigates…

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NRichard Wiese learning how to surf in the costal town of Chennai India

Body and Soul on August 2, 2014

Join Richard Wiese as he explores the vibrant colors of exotic India by rickshaw and samples its savory cuisine. Travel from the northern city of Delhi to the coastal port…

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