Richard Wiese competes in the Scottish Highland Games x633

Land of the Vikings This Weekend!

Join Richard Wiese as he journeys to Scotland and Iceland to investigate how Viking invaders from 1,200 years ago left their indelible mark on those cultures. In the Shetland Islands…

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A black bear eats some berries in Alberta Canada X633

Canada: Wild Country on June 27, 2015

Richard Wiese explores the wilds of Alberta, Canada, and comes face to face with black bears at Waterton Lakes National Park. He learns how the First Nations tribes of Canada…

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Chef puts syrup on the baklava in karaköy güllüoğlu in Turkey X633

Turkey: Ancient Crossroads on June 20, 2015

Host Richard Wiese explores Turkey, the vibrant land where East meets West. In Istanbul, he visits the legendary baklava factory, Karakoy Gulluoglu, which foodies here consider the best in the…

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Chi Coffee made on the streets in India X633

Street Eats on June 13, 2015

Host Richard Wiese journeys across four continents in search of the world’s best street food. The adventure begins in Santiago, Chile in the Mercado Centrale, considered one of the best…

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