Harbor Seal pups are released back into the ocean off the coast of Maine X633

A Seal’s Life This Weekend!

Join Richard Wiese as he explores the world of seals. See how the seal population in Canada impacts polar bears and reflects global climate change. Richard joins a team of…

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White Water Rafting on the Colorado River in Arizona x633

The United States of Adventure on October 25, 2014

Join Richard Wiese as he explores the United States in search of adventure. In South Dakota, Richard goes “spelunking” or cave exploring through a maze underground caverns. He hangs ten…

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Richard Wiese catches a lobster in Maine x633

Bounty of the Sea on October 14, 2014

Host Richard Wiese explores how fishers haul in the bounty of the sea. In the coastal wetlands of South Africa, he fishes for supper with a Tonga tribesman the way…

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A Puffin on the Shetland Islands of Scotland 633

Birds of a Feather on October 11, 2014

Host Richard Wiese travels from England to Africa to discover why birds of a feather flock together. Discover the royal heritage of wild swans in England and visit the largest…

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