Large male gorilla in the forest of Uganda X633

The Last Mountain Gorilla This Weekend!

Deep in the heart of Uganda lies a forest, which is one of the last safe refuges for mountain gorillas in the world. Join Richard Wiese and his trackers as…

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Richard Wiese on a camel in the Sahara Desert X633

Morocco: Surviving the Sahara on January 24, 2015

Join Richard Wiese as he journeys to the kingdom of Morocco and into the largest desert on earth: the Sahara. He climbs aboard a camel and rides through the dunes…

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Desert adapted elephents in Namibia

The Elephant Trunk Show on January 17, 2015

Journey to Africa as Richard Wiese searches for the largest land mammals on earth—elephants. In South Africa, a relocated herd of elephants is breeding and thriving in their new home…

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Richard fly fishing on the streams of Connecticut X633

Inspired by Nature on January 10, 2015

Richard Wiese is on an unusual adventure – to discover the many ways that nature can inspire, transform and heal us.  In Maine, Richard encounters an extraordinary dog who shows…

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