633_Richard Wiese feeds two Asian elephants in Indonesia

Bali High on September 27, 2014

Richard travels to Indonesia, to explore this exotic paradise.  On the island of Bali, he experiences a day in the life of an elephant where he bathes and feeds these…

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NRichard Wiese with Junior the golden lab in Maine

It’s a Dog’s Life on September 20, 2014

Join Richard as he travels across three continents to meet man’s best friend —extraordinary dogs at work and at play. In Scotland, learn how one of the top trainers of…

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Handmade spurs from Chile X633

Made by Hand on September 16, 2014

Join Richard Wiese as he travels across three continents to discover hidden arts.  Journey to Morocco and the famous dye pits where leathers are tanned using age-old methods. Learn how…

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NGurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi India

The Colors of Karma on September 6, 2014

Richard travels to the mystical land of India, to explore this vibrant culture.  His mission—to perform a “seva” or good deed at the Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi, a Sikh…

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